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TTAB Trademark Attorneys Learn From Other TTAB Decisions

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Each year the TTAB decides trademark opposition and trademark cancellation proceedings.  These TTAB decisions are all readily available, although not all of them are precedential.  Regardless, they offer insight into how the TTAB views particular issues.  As such, it is critical for TTAB attorneys to understanding the latest decisions as it pertains to trademark oppositions and trademark cancellations.

One of the best resources for doing so has been, and continues to be, The TTABlog®.  Recently, this resource has posted “The Top Ten TTAB decisions of 2010.”  These TTAB decisions cover various topics that become important when trying to determine whether a trademark will be successfully registered or maintained.  In the event that you are subject to a trademark opposition or a trademark cancellation, it will be critical for your TTAB attorney to understand these decisions.  Alternatively, should you wish to file a trademark opposition or a trademark cancellation, understanding prior TTAB decisions will help you determine your best strategic approach and the likelihood of success.